The Tourist of Venice

I just had to see Venice. There was no way I was going to leave Italy and start my new job in Poland without seeing Venice first. Besides, in an earlier post I mentioned that Venice is one of the top 5 cities of the world I had to see. Now it’s checked off my list.

First impressions? Very beautiful. It’s definitely a photographer’s playground. All I really wanted to do on my first day was sit on the back of the water bus and take pictures of the city. (And that’s exactly what I did!) There wasn’t just one place or one site in particular I wanted to see. I just wanted a time to relax and explore. My plane for Venice was to walk around until I came across something that looked interesting.

Over the course of three days, I came across three different museums. The first was a museum of music. In an old church there were violins, violas, cellos, basses, guitars, and other antique instruments that were made in the 17th and 18th century. Just staring at them made me wish I was gifted musically. The other museum I came across was on the waterfront and it contained artifacts from ships from the 16th century to the 20th. The building was filled with old cannons, swords, guns, and navigational tools from the different eras. There was even a room filled with old navy uniforms. I would have to say that this museum was probably my favorite. For my third and final museum I decided to see a modern art museum that had an exhibit for the photographer, Irving Penn. It was alright. I think I wanted to see this museum because I wanted a change from Renaissance art.

What really made my trip to Venice was the people I met in the hostel I stayed in and the restaurants I ate at. There was a couple from the south of England who invited me to eat with them. They were on a romantic getaway while their two girls were with their grandmother. During another meal, I met an older woman from Australia who was also traveling alone. She works as a private detective and she hopes to take them time off in Venice and work on her novel. (Ah! A woman after my own heart!) For the three nights I stayed in the hostel, I had to share a room with all men. I don’t understand how they assign rooms, but I was the only woman. Thankfully they were nice and respectful. I hung out with them and listened to their stories and was amused by the Canadian who thinks Belgium women are the hottest on the planet. The Belgium guy who was in the room found this very amusing and told him that Danish women were hotter. I just teased them. In that hostel alone, I met guys who represented different countries: Canada, Belgium, South Africa, Japan, England, and France. They all had interesting stories and backgrounds which made my trip to Venice worthwhile.

My Venice trip concludes my tour of Italy – for now. I plan to come back someday. Now I have a new adventure that awaits me – Poland.


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