Cinque Terre – August 17, 2014

On Sunday, August 17 I went to Cinque Terre and it was beautiful. Beyond Beautiful. Gorgeous! Spectacular! Words cannot completely express how amazing this place is. This is the very reason why I brought my Sony Nex-5 with me. Pictures speak a thousand words. I hope you agree. 

Two of my roommates, Laura and Morgan, went to Cinque Terre with me. We paid $40 euros through the tourist group, Florence For Fun. With the package, we received transportation on a coach bus and a tour of three different beaches. We also had the option of either taking a boat out on the water or hiking from one beach to the next. It was a hard choice since both options were amazing. I decided to walk off all the pasta I’ve been enjoying and take a hike. My two roommates did as well. 

The view from the cliffs were incredible. The water is so blue and clear. The town itself is so colorful and vibrant. As Laura kept on telling us, it felt like we were in a storybook. While the hike was rough at first climbing and made me sweat like a pig, the view was definitely rewarding. 

The hike itself was roughly 90 minutes long, which gave me time to talk to the others in our group. Since the tourist group was called Florence For Fun, most of us could speak English. It was also a discounted tour for students so most of us were in our twenties. The countries represented included: Turkey, Germany, Sweden, Holland, Scotland, Britain, and America. On the hike, I mostly talked to a girl from Sweden named Malin. She’s studying law back in her country, but is in Florence to learn Italian just for fun. We ended up getting coffee after the hike and talking about American culture versus Swedish culture. She also wanted to know my heritage since she said that I looked like I was Swedish, Norwegian, or German. I told her what I knew, which was Dutch and Norwegian. We ended up getting pizza together last Friday in Florence and mostly talked about politics. She’s really cool. I wish her the best of luck in law school. 

I also talked to a girl from Holland who asked me several questions about the educational system in America. She was surprised to learn that American universities require “generals.” She told me that secondary school was meant for general education and universities were meant for specialized studies. She also asked me if it was true that American high schools had stereotypes between the jocks, nerds, preps, and so on. (She has seen many high school American movies.)To her, those stereotypes do not exist in Holland. Talking to the Americans I met here and went to public schools, most tend to agree with me that lines are blurred. I told the girl from Holland no, but if my readers disagree. Please comment. 

I will confess that I didn’t swim in the beautiful water of Cinque Terre. For one, I had an expensive camera I didn’t want to part. Secondly, I didn’t bring my swimsuit. You might say that I am missing out, but I traded swimming for photography and talking to new friends from around Europe over cappuccinos. To me, it’s worth it. I came to Europe not just to enjoy a beautiful beach but to make new friends and learn new cultures. 

The colors are so vibrant here! 

The beach is really just large boulders, but personally I believe it adds to the charm. 

This is the view from the hike. I kept on seeing this view while talking to Malin from Sweden and Stefany from Holland. 



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