New Apartment & First Day of School at Via Lingua

Yesterday I moved into my apartment in Florence and today I had my first day of class at Via Lingua. These last two days were very busy but I believe I am mostly settled. My apartment is located on one of the busiest streets in Florence. After the taxi dropped me off at my street, I saw vendors crowding the entire street with their stands. It felt a bit awkward carrying two suitcases in front of vendors trying to sell me purses. What was really awkward was trying to find the right apartment. Long story short, I found it and I am here!!!

My roommates are awesome. Two of them are American – from Boston and New Jersey – and the other is from Spain. My two American roommates, Laura and Morgan, are taking the Via Lingua class with me. The girl from Spain, Martha, is taking an Italian course that her university back home paid for. The four of us are getting along so far and went out for gelato (ice cream) together.

As for today, I started my first day of class. It is very strange to be a student again after not being in school for over a year. After reading all the course requirements, it really hit me that I was going to do school work again. What will be new is that I will be doing a lot of teaching practice.

For those who don’t already know, I am taking a course at Via Lingua so that I can be certified to teach English as a second language or a foreign language (aka TEFL). Most countries require English teachers to have this certificate. In Europe, having a TEFL certificate is a MUST. Over all, I believe it is a very good investment. The TEFL certificate is recognized worldwide and can be used back in the United States. Once I completed a week or two, I will describe exactly what one does in this course. Stay tuned for more!


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