Trains, Jet Lag, and a Painted Ceiling

I was so tempted not to write a blog tonight after a full day of traveling and a serious case of jet lag, but I told myself that if I don’t feel better eating a slice of pizza, then I would go straight to bed. As it turns out, I ate one bite and was instantly inspired. Who knew Italians could make amazing pizza? šŸ˜›

Overall, my flights went smoothly. The only problem was that I couldn’t sleep and
I basically watched movies the entire time. I did not feel tired until I reached the airport in Zurich. Since customs went really fast for me, I had nothing to do for nearly three hours before I had to board my first train. Luckily the airport/train station had luggage carts so that I could stay awake and made sure no one robbed me. I managed to stay awake until I reached the train.

To get to Florence from Zurich, I had to take three different trains. I was confused as to where I had to see, so I just hopped on with my luggage. There was not any room overhead in the train so I brought them into my seats since there was lots of room. I only saw a handful of people in the cabin I entered. When a woman came to check my ticket, I found out the reason was that I was in first class instead of second. She was about to send me over to second class until she saw all my luggage and how exhausted I was and decided to let me stay. The second train was the longest and worst. It was also the one I looked forward too the most because I was going to see the Alps and Swiss countryside. This time I made sure I sat in second class. My mistake this time was that I stole someone’s seat. Everyone was sitting in different stops but since the train was full, one man claimed my seat so I was supposed to go two cars down to where I found out where I was supposed to be. The worst part was that I was actually getting some sleep since before I boarded the plane. Yes, what I should have done next was claim my real seat, but two things prevented me. One, there were too many people standing in the middle of the train that I could not move my two suitcases easily. Second, I wanted to guard my suitcases. I was not going to give up the shelf space I found and leave them out of my sight.The third train was the smoothest because I sat in my correct seat plus stowed my luggage away. The only issue I had was that I only had ten minutes to transfer hauled all of my suitcases and rushed me to the platform for my last train since I had no idea where it was located. I tried to tip him 5 euros, but he demanded ten. Since I did not have 10, I gave him a 20 and asked for cash back, but he just left and kept it. Even though it was a large sum of money I have to painfully admit that the man might have saved me money buy hurrying me to the train and getting me settled within ten minutes.

Now I am finally in Florence and ready for bed. I just want to make it clear that I am a big fan of using the railway to get around, but do not carry over a hundred pounds of luggage. I am very exhausted and I am going to call it a night. I wanted to talk about my hotel experience more, but all I will say that the ceiling in my room in painted, which is very beautiful, but it is also weird to look at half naked babies holding birds. I’ll just post a picture and say goodnight.


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